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FONN is the moniker of artist, producer & mix engineer Fionn Connolly. The band FONN formed from Fionn's solo project, and now exists as a collective of musicians and friends who regularly perform together as a band: Sam (drums), Tommy (keys), Charlie (Guitar) and Freddie (Bass). 

Fionn is also and independent music producer & mix engineer working in East London.


With FONN's biggest influences being The Japanese House, Phoebe Bridgers and Bon Iver, their music could be described as Alternative Indie, Electro Folk. They find their inspiration from different eras in music: they take the dreaminess of ‘60s and ‘80s pop, add some of the grit from the ‘70s prog rock scene, borrow a bit of grunge from the ‘90s and round it all off with the classic indie vibes from the 2000s.

Important themes in Fionn’s writing are centred around mental health, coming out of depression, philosophy and existentialism. This is then translated into a dynamic but balanced sound, with astounding harmonies and production techniques inspired by the likes of BJ Burton, James Blake and FINNEAS.

The band has already received support from BBC Introducing, they had a premiere in Exeter Cathedral in 2021 and they have multiple headliner shows in London under their belt. With brand new material on its way, this group of self-proclaimed “music nerds” is one you definitely want to see live.

Want to know more about these giants of the music scene? Check out their artist bios below.



Your mom probably loves you, but not as much as she loves our bass player Charlie ‘CC’ Chester. He's good with the Bass and better with the babes, and he puts on a show you most certainly will NOT want to bring your girlfriend to (if you want to keep her that is 😉).

CC wrote his bio first, as a joke. He did not expect it to be posted and to set the tone for this series. Sorry CC.

Favourite Band: Hiatus Kaiyote
Favourite Film: Kill Bill: Vol 1
Guilty Pleasure: using the phrase ‘far out’.



Hello ladies. Look down. Now look back up. Where are you? You’re in a band with the guitarist your guitarist could smell like. It’s Charlie - the crisp and aromatic scent of cedar wood and leather made man. He is Aqua di Parma, your guitarist is au de toilet. He is morning coffee, your guitarist is morning coffee breath. Charlie was once a big noise in the city - now he’s but a scent in the breeze. Think you know him? Think again. He enjoys doing leg raises, shredding the Charlie Parker omnibook, and laughing at people who wear Paco Rabanne perfume unironically.

Favourite band: The Jimmy Hendrix Experience
Favourite film: In Bruges
Guilty Pleasure: being too busy playing for the Book of Mormon to make it to band photoshoot day.



The heart throb of the band. When our drummer Sam's not hitting the gym, he's hitting the skins. He enjoys warm lager and short walks on the pavement. Bang bang boom.

Favourite band: Public Service Broadcasting
Favourite film: About Time
Guilty Pleasure: being late to everything



There’s no I in team, that’s why I removed it from the name of the band. It’s Fionn ‘the frontman’ FONN. If the man your girl told you not to worry about had a chaotic younger brother who you also fancied a little bit… he’d probably start a band just to call you out for it on instagram. He enjoys long walks, short piers and aphorisms.

Favourite band: The Japanese House
Favourite film: Hot Fuzz
Guilty Pleasure: making his friends write bios for social media releases



It’s Tommy ‘Gale Force’ Gale. He loves trains and HATES people who disrespect train drivers. You can catch this absolute Blairite on stage killin the keys just like his idol Chris Martin.


Favourite band: Jamiroquai
Favourite film: The Italian Job
Guilty Pleasure: dressing like a cricket player

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